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Series 2, Episode 54

Red Rock

Angela takes matters into her own hands in an effort to prove that Conor is innocent. 

Monday, 23rd Jan 9.00pm

Red Rock

TV3’s hottest property, Red Rock, bursts onto our screens with an explosive debut. 42mins

Monday, 27th Mar 9.00pm

Red Rock

Keith is the prime suspect in the investigation into the Harbour Haulage arson attack. Sharon is intent on bringing down gangster Laser Byrne once and for all 45mins

Monday, 20th Mar 9.00pm

Series 3, Episode 1

Harbour Haulage has gone up in flames and Patricia's world has fallen apart, while Keith is horrified at his own actions. Robbie tries to escape gangster Laser Byrne's grasp 45mins

Monday, 13th Mar 9.00pm

Red Rock

In seeking to bring Brian's killer to justice, does Detective Nikki Grogan have the right man? 43mins

Monday, 6th Mar 9.00pm

Red Rock

Liam decides it is time to tell the truth about who killed Brian. Patricia witnesses an explosive confrontation between Michael and Laser. 42mins

Monday, 27th Feb 9.00pm