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On Sunday's Episode:
It's the day of The Rovers vs. The Flying Horse cricket match and Alya persuades Leanne to come along and support Kal. However, Zeedan is furious to see her there and makes his feelings clear. Leanne is hurt, while Kal is upset by his son's obvious disapproval. Will Kal be able to talk Zeedan round? Watch it at 8.00pm on TV3 and 3Player.

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Wednesday, 29 October

Can Carla bring herself to keep Rob's secret? Eileen supports a jittery Michael. Cilla bids her...

Coronation Street

Will Rob confess all when Carla backs him into a corner?

Coronation Street

A suspicious Carla does some digging. Can Kylie kick her habit? Sinead uncovers Cilla's secret.

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