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On Monday's Episode:

Nick and Leanne meet with the mediator, but they're soon trading insults and it's clear they can't agree on anything. Are they heading for court? 

At the same time, Gail spends the day with Michael, helping him clean up an old ice cream van. However, Nick is far from impressed with Gail's hard work. As he tears a strip off his mum, Nick and Michael square up to each other…

Meanwhile, Rita agrees to give Dennis another chance but makes him promise there'll be no more lies. However, when Julie lets slip to Norris that Dennis insisted she made him homeless in the hope Rita would take him back, are his days numbered?

Elsewhere, Anna is worried about a withdrawn Faye. When she then overhears her snapping at Craig, Anna wonders what's going on.

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Monday, 28th July

Nick sees red. Will Rita be able to forgive Dennis? Gail enjoys a romantic evening

Monday, 28th July

Nick and Leanne lock horns. Norris's worst fears are confirmed. Anna worries about Faye

Fri 25 Jul: 8:30pm

Will Anna and Owen reunite? Nick stands to lose out to Leanne. Norris points the finger. 

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