Katy Perry's refusal to wear uncomfortable heels inspired shoe line

17th Feb 17 | Fashion

The singer was intent on "making people smile" through her footwear.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry's stylist Johnny Wujek analysed uncomfortable shoes for years before serving as creative director for the star's new line.

The Teenage Dream singer released her namesake debut footwear collection in partnership with Global Brands Group on Thursday, and Johnny reveals he used over a decade of research to help craft the perfect pairs of heels, flats and sandals.

"As a stylist, I see the shoes that are in demand, what people wear, what they like," he explains to Billboard. "I've strapped so many shoes on my clients and keep tabs on the way they fit, how it hits their foot, the comfortableness, just all these elements. At fittings, I'm on my hands and knees seeing how the show wears. I literally just pay attention.

"There's been times where Katy's been like, 'Hell no. These are so uncomfortable, I'm not wearing these.' So, I think knowing the intricate details of the build of a shoe is really important."

Perry's footwear collection ranges from $59 (£47) to $299 (£240) per pair and offers all types of quirky styles, including a HAVANA Good Time heel with a cigar-shaped base and The Geli flat sandal, featuring an orange slice toe-strap.

"It's a collaboration between Global Brand's trend forecast, Katy, and I," Johnny explains of the collection. "The thing about Katy is that she doesn't even care about the trend report - she is the trend report. Katy's style and fashion evolves every day. From the minute I started working with her to now, it's so different and more sophisticated. There are still odes to the kitsch - we love funny and clever, but (her tastes) are still chic and wearable."

Wujek adds: "(Katy's style is) super eye-catching, fun, and quirky. Katy's always been one to stand out. I lucked out when I met her because my creative mind works just like hers, so we get to push the boundaries together. She's just open to being adventurous and silly and making people smile. The (shoe line) is about being light. It's about setting our own trends and standing out, but also finding the balance between those fun, silly pieces and products that are actually realistic (for the market)."

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